New Team Fireball Instagram

A while ago, we had wondered if we should start an Instagram account. It was decided that between what we post on our Facebook page, this blog, and Twitter (the last, which we are pretty lazy about), that adding another social media account would be redundant.

Quite a bit further back than that, when several of us did photo-a-day challenges on our own personal accounts, we thought it would be fun to do a month exclusively devoted to Twilight. But no one ever flew with that idea either.

Now, we think it might be fun to go ahead with both of those ideas, combining the two. It comes at a good time – Team Fireball is online as a group and FatMumSlim‘s photo challenges have gone back to monthly rather than weekly.

For those that aren’t aware of photo-a-day challenges, just log into instagram and search or click on the #fmsphotoaday tag. There are thousands of people participating in the most popular of the online photo challenges.

Of course, we Team Fireball chicks are interested in things other than Twilight, and things other than the photo challenges will likely end up on the Instagram account as well, but for those that like that little daily bit of Twilight love in your lives, go check us out.

Team Fireball Instagram

We accept the daily photo challenge!



(Please excuse the fact that we are starting 5 days late. This idea just occurred to us. We will do our very best to post each day.)


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