Twilight Sites: Nancy Russell Overlook at Cape Horn

Nancy Russell Memorial Cape Horn Overlook 🌲🌲🌲🌲 – Edward runs Bella up into the treetops to give her a look at the things that exist “in his world”

570 Strunk Road, Washougal, Washington
(The start of the trail to the Overlook is located at 281 Rim Road, but the parking lot on Strunk is as far as you can go in a car, unless the gate is open. It’s not a far walk – less than a quarter mile.)


As long as you spot the right turn off from the highway, this location is pretty easy to find.
Depending on which direction on Evergreen Hwy you are travelling…


* Going west (coming from the Shire), look for mile marker 24, which is right before Oregon View Road and “Ozone Climbing Crag”📍 (a point noted in Google Maps). Go another half mile and turn right onto Belle Center Road.

* Going east (downhill), look for mile marker 23, directly in front of “Mt Pleasant Iris Farm”📍 (also on Google Maps) and just after Marble Road. Go another half mile and turn left onto Belle Center Road.

Follow Belle Center as far as it goes (approximately 1.2 miles). When you come to the stop sign at the end, turn right onto Mt Pleasant Road. Continue straight until the fork for Strunk Road on the right. Take Strunk Road until it ends, which is the parking lot for the trail.

Leave your vehicle there and continue on foot down Rim Road beyond the green metal gate.


Follow the road for a few minutes until you see the sign for the trail. It’s a small sign so keep an eye out for it. (The trees that you can see here on the left beyond the field at the cliff’s edge are the ones the stunt doubles were strapped into as the helicopter flew around them.)

Take the trail down to the lookout. It branches off at a few points but just stay on the main path. It’s pretty well marked. You’ll see the stone lookout area before you reach it.

The Scenes:

There are three separate views of the Overlook used in ‘treetop date’ scene in movie.

The first establishing shot pans over 3 of the 4 evergreen trees that are the focal point of the Overlook. (Someone who knows tree science can fill me in on the correct species.) Apart from some minimal growth and filling in, they look identical. Not much has changed with them in 10 years so that’s pretty cool.


An interesting fact I discovered during my research is that the stone circle, a memorial for Nancy Russell – the founder of Friends of the Columbia Gorge and the person responsible for saving much of the Cape Horn area from development, was only constructed in 2011, so it wasn’t there during the filming of Twilight. It was just a grassy area. (I don’t like to include pictures we didn’t take personally or I haven’t been given permission to use, but I’m going to share one picture I found while going through hoards of random shots on Google. It’s pretty bad quality but shows what the viewpoint looked like before the stone circle memorial was in place and how Catherine, Rob, Kristen and the film crew would have seen it.)

The second view is a close up of Edward and Bella talking within the branches of a large tree. This is the part with the famous lines, “This isn’t real. This kind of stuff just don’t exist.” “It does in my world.” This tree doesn’t actually exist here. We were told that the top half of a tree was brought up to the edge of the cliff from elsewhere and planted into the ground with a platform built around it so that the actors could safely appear to be in the upper branches with iconic landmarks of the Columbia River Gorge below them. (Throughout the scenes, Phoca Rock, Skamania Island (no longer in existence 😦 ), and Beacon Rock can all be identified.)

If you stand on the trail before entering the stone circle area and face the gorge, there is a tree with a wooden marker on your left, just over the stone wall. The marker can be difficult to see because it’s on the side facing that little grassy hill area. (If you’re already in the walled circle area with the gorge at your back, looking back up at the trail, you won’t see it.)


It was originally thought that the marked tree was the one Rob and Kristen climbed up into but the “prop treetop” was placed to the right of the four trees at the edge of the cliff. The one with the marker is on the left. It’s hard to say why exactly that marker is on that tree specifically but our best guess is that it was where the camera would have been and the marker itself is probably a remnant of the platform that was built for the camera rig. (Take a look at Catherine Hardwicke’s Director’s Notebook to see some of her hand drawn plans of how the scenes were shot as well as a few behind the scenes photos of the rig and Rob and Kristen in the half-tree with the safety platform underneath them.) Regardless of why the marker was put there, it does give you the proper vantage point from where the camera would have been, looking out to the right of the four trees.

Our ProTip: IF you want to go up into the grass to try to match the scene and get some wide angle pictures of the entire filming area, BE CAREFUL. Maybe take a big stick with you to clear a path. We didn’t realize until we had been up there for a long time and were making our way back down that there are huge spiders EVERYWHERE in that tall grass. They make their webs at knee- to waist-height. It’s gross! 😭

The final view is of Edward and Bella (actually portrayed by stunt doubles in this shot) standing together on the upper tree limbs while the camera pans around them. (There is some very interesting behind the scenes footage along with director Catherine Hardwicke’s commentary about the filming and CGI post-rendering available in the movie’s bonus features.) This group of trees is not actually at the Overlook itself but nearby at the edge of the field where the beginning of the trail was (as mentioned in the directions section).

There are also a few B-roll scenic shots used throughout the movie that can be matched almost exactly from this site.  (Check out the “Split Personality” album in the Road Tripper’s group for my own personal screenshot and real life side-by-side comparison pictures, if you’re interested.)

The Area:

You can do a hike (moderate difficulty, total 8 miles – see provided links) around the entire trail if you want to spend an afternoon here or you can just do a quick in and out of the Twilight-relevant area (as described in the directions). Note: The full loop trail is currently closed until July 15 for peregrine nesting season but that doesn’t effect the section with the Overlook.

USDA Forest Service – Cape Horn Overlook
USDA Forest Service – Cape Horn Trail
Oregon Hikers – Nancy Russell Overlook
Oregon Hikers – Cape Horn Loop Hike

From the parking lot to the Overlook, half of the distance is on a wider road. The trail itself is level, packed dirt and well-maintained so it’s free from any major obstructions. However, it is slightly downhill (and back up again on the way back). There are a few stone steps at the lookout. If you use a mobility aid, proceed with caution.

There is a really great history to this area so if you’re interested in reading more, here are a few links for you:

*Great description of the entire loop trail and a brief history
*Similar to the last link with a cool topographical map at the very bottom that shows how the cliff drops off right at the Overlook

map topography.JPG

*Vintage postcards and photos depicting Cape Horn, describing many landmarks in the area and referencing Lewis and Clark
*Many chunks of text are missing but still a good article about Nancy Russell’s impact on Cape Horn
*Great article about Nancy Russell’s Cape Horn legacy
*Another article about Nancy Russell’s last visit to Cape Horn, mentions the removal of the only house ever built there
*History of Friends of the Gorge – founded by Nancy Russell and John Yeon

The two main selling points for Cape Horn Overlook as a Twi-Sites destination are that 1) you can see the views almost exactly as they are in the movie and 2) the entire Columbia Gorge is really pretty and this spot is a great vantage point to see it.

As always, if you’ve been to this location, please share your stories, advice and pictures in the comments.

Photo Credit 📸: All pictures, except screenshots from Twilight and as otherwise mentioned (roll over images with your mouse), were taken by Karen Mah in September 2018. Please do not use without permission.

Twilight Sites: Quick Rundown of California Locations

California Sites 🌴☀️

We’re only using screen shots from Twilight (2008) and from Google Maps since we’ve never been to any of these personally… yet.

Renee’s House (exterior)
opening scene before Bella moves to Forks & in a very short flash when Bella is talking to James on the phone
*private residence
22301 Cataro Drive
Santa Clarita, CA

“Phoenix” Hotel (exterior)
Bella, Alice and Jasper arrive in Phoenix to hideout until James is found & Bella sneaks away from Alice and Jasper
Hyatt Regency
24500 Town Center Drive
Valencia, CA

Prom Exterior (frontside)
Jacob approaches Bella while she waits for Edward to park the Volvo and tells her his dad “will be watching”
*private property – barely visible from the road through the trees
1200 S Arroyo Blvd
Pasadena, CA

Meadow Scene
Edward and Bella lie in the grass and gaze at each other in wonder (expanded with lines in the extended edition)
Wilson Golf Course – Griffith Park
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 663-2555
Some helpful links:
Griffith Park Golf
General Griffith Park info
Griffith Park map
Pam’s post about hunting down the location

Treaty Flashback Scene
Ephraim Black’s wolf pack meet the Cullens for the first time and make the treaty with them
Cedar Grove
Vista Del Valle
Los Angeles, CA

*As always, with private residences, please do not trespass on the property. Be respectful and only take pictures from the road.

Twilight Sites: Indian Beach at Ecola State Park

Indian Beach, Ecola State ParkBella and her human friends visit the beach at La Push where she runs into Jacob and gets him to reveal the truth about the Cullens

84318 Ecola Park Road, Seaside, Cannon Beach, OR
(About an hour and a half drive from Portland and about four to five hours to Forks.)

This one can be a little confusing. Ecola State Park runs 9 miles between the town of Cannon Beach at the south and Seaside at the north. Indian Beach, within the park, is where Twilight was filmed. (Cross Fandom Hint: The Goonies was also filmed here.)

The following is directly from the Oregon State Parks website:

“Wrapping around Tillamook Head, between Seaside and Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park stretches along 9 miles of coastline and offers outstanding sightseeing and recreation opportunities combined with a storied past. Though the scenic and hiking opportunities may be the main allure, the diversity of outdoor recreation including picnicking, tidepooling, surfing and wildlife observation make Ecola State park a destination year round.

Sightseeing opportunities begin the moment you enter the park. The entrance road meanders through a lush Sitka spruce forest, eventually opening up to a grassy bluff offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. You may recognize the viewpoint south, a scene from many published photographs. Sea stacks punctuate the long sweep of shoreline south, backed by the town of Cannon Beach and ridge of coastal mountains above.”

And this is from the Ecola State Park brochure, now available in our group files as a .pdf:

“Getting here: Enter the park from the north end of Cannon Beach. From 5th Street, head north on Ecola Park Road for 1½ miles to the fee station. At the fee station, turn left to drop down into the Ecola Point parking lot or venture right and drive another 1½ miles to Indian Beach. 

Parking: A day-use permit is required to park in Ecola. Daily permits are sold at the park fee station; annual and 24-month permits are sold online  at and at major state park offices. A state park camping receipt serves as a daily permit for each day that you are registered. Annual and five day Coastal Passports are also accepted. 

Parking at Ecola Point and Indian Beach is limited; long lines form during nice days in the off-season and almost daily from June through September. Please note that the road is narrow with no place to turn around, making it unsuitable for RVs and trailers. Parking is also available just off Sunset Boulevard in Seaside, at the Tillamook Head Trail north trailhead. Overnight parking is prohibited within Ecola State Park.”

Our ProTip: Have your camera ready in the car. The drive in is gorgeous!

We were there in September and the admission fee was $5 per vehicle.

Two separate areas were used for this scene in the movie. The first is right in the parking lot. Easy access for everyone! There is a panoramic view to set the scene (right after Edward’s line: “It’s just a little crowded.”)


“La Push”, as seen in the movie Twilight (2008) – directed by Catherine Hardwicke

You can line up your shots to look very similar to the movie quite easily.

The scene starts off with Bella and her human friends huddled in the van for warmth or getting dressed for surfing. You can see the iconic “Submarine Rock” (the one with a hole in the middle) in the distance.


Indian Beach serves as the movie version of La Push in the movie Twilight (2008) – directed by Catherine Hardwicke

The second part of the scene, where Bella and Jacob walk together and he tells her about the Quileute legends about the Cold Ones and, unknowingly, the truth about Edward, was filmed down on the beach.


Jacob (played by Taylor Lautner) tells Bella (played by Kristen Stewart) about “the Cold Ones” while walking on the beach at “La Push” (actually filmed at Indian Beach, Ecola State Park) in Twilight (2008) – directed by Catherine Hardwicke

There is a trail to get down there from the parking lot. It’s short but there are stairs to deal with and the overhead bush growth makes it narrow and tunnel-like. Proceed according to your own abilities.

looking back up (2)

The trail down comes out just behind that pile of driftwood logs. You can see the entrance to the “tunnel”.

The beach itself is fine sand and free of major hurdles. I’m not sure about exact measurements but the entire stretch is probably about a mile. The scenes with Bella and Jacob walking (and Eric chasing Angela with the seaweed) are closer down to the other end near the rocks.

looking back up (1)

This picture was taken from the other end, near the rocks, looking back up at the parking lot – which you can see in the middle.

Take your obligatory pictures and then spend some time exploring the area. It really is pretty, isn’t it?

from the parking lot (4)

Photo credit 📸: Ames Kamikaze – All other pictures in this post (other than the movie screen shots, as credited) were taken by Karen Mah in September 2018. Please do not use without permission.

For those who are unable to get there in person, please enjoy this 360 video.

Note: 360 videos are best viewed on a smart phone or tablet. Hold the phone up in landscape mode (horizontally) and turn your body around in a circle to see the whole video. (You can look up and down as well.) Alternatively, view the video on a computer and use the arrow to click and drag the video around in the directions you want to see.

Real Life Twi-Sites: A Road Tripper’s Guide to Forever.

Yes, that is an absurdly long name for a Facebook group but that is what we came up with.  😂

If you want to keep up to date with the ever-changing information, tips, and advice on all the spots the Twilight Saga movies were filmed at, please join our group!

It’s a collaboration effort between some of the original Team Fireballs girls, a couple of girls from The Ladies of Isle Esme, and a few other extremely knowledgeable and helpful Twilight fans, including the new owner of The Swan House!

We decided that there is so much information out there scattered all over the Internet that it can be hard to locate the pertinent bits and determine which parts are accurate so we thought we’d make a spot to consolidate all of it, expand on it when necessary, and provide a place where other fans interested in the filming locations can go for help planning their trips and share their experiences.

This group was the natural progression from our Twilight Movie Filming Locations Tour. Karen and Jodi spent a lot of time and effort to make that guide as good as it could be, and in doing so, became somewhat obsessed with the filming locations. The original version came out in 2015 and it was again updated in 2018 as things were changing – as they always are when it comes to real life locations where a now-10 year old movie was filmed. Rather than continuing to update the same guide over and over again, we’ve decided it would be much more fun to update in real time as well as to provide even more information and photos, and to include the locations beyond the first movie, AND to have members of the Twilight Fandom contribute and interact.

Therefore, we will NOT be updating the Team Fireball filming guide from now on. The 2018 version is the last edition, and even now, six months later, several locations have already announced imminent changes. (If you want to stay current with all of that, join the group.) We will however be replicating some of the informational posts about various Twi-Sites from the group here on the blog for ease of use and sharing elsewhere. But you’ll see it first on Facebook so don’t miss out!

DSC_0329 (3).JPG

Stone Cliff Inn, Oregon City, OR
photo credit 📸: Karen Mah, September 2018

Twilight Movie Filming Locations Tour – Updated

Click here for the downloadable .pdf version.

We have tried to put together a comprehensive tour of all the Twilight movie locations. If you want to visit every location, you could probably do it in about 3 days. However, if you are a person who takes a massive amount of pictures, you might need a bit longer. We have ordered these locations starting at the southernmost point and move north. The times are approximate. You may want to give yourself longer to account for traffic and road construction.

Happy filming location hunting!


The first stop on our TwiTour is Silver Falls State Park. Located at 20024 Silver Falls Highway SE, Sublimity, Oregon, this picturesque state park served as the backdrop in multiple scenes. The opening deer scene was filmed adjacent to Howard Creek Horse Camp near the south side of the park.

The shot where Edward puts Bella on his back and hops tree-to-tree “spider monkey” style was also filmed at this park. Production used Parking Lot F for staging and filmed in that area.

Another shot includes when Bella drives her truck over the icy bridge towards Forks High School. This bridge is located at the South entrance to the park. It has distinctive stonework and is covered in moss year-round.

Travel about an hour to the greenhouse that Bella and Edward tour on the school field trip. “Green is good” at the Clackamas Community College greenhouses. Filming was done in the greenhouse and the parking lot. You enter from S Beavercreek Road and follow the signs to the greenhouses, which will be to your left as you enter the campus. If you stand in the parking lot facing the greenhouses, the one used for filming is on the far right – greenhouse #2. Clackamas Community College is located at 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, Oregon.

Continue for 12 miles and you will find the Blue Heron Paper Factory. Located at 419 Main Street, Oregon City, Oregon, this factory served as the location for Grisham Mill. This was the scene where James, Victoria and Laurent killed the security guard. This is private property and not open to the public. (There are rumors that it will be torn down in the future.) There is a great view point along Highway 99 E which looks onto the factory, but if you are at the main street entrance, there are places to park and get a picture of the sign.

Head towards Portland approximately 23 miles and you will find the Cullen House. Known to the rest of the world as Hoke House, The Cullen House sits on 3333 NW Quimby Street in Portland. All of the interior and exterior of the house were used in the film. Keep in mind that this is a private residence and the property in and around is restricted. The street is tiny, and it is pretty obvious when you are there to take pictures. Please stay off the property and respect the neighborhood privacy.


7 Hoke House - Cherish

photo credit: Cherish Sears

Next stop on the tour is the location that served as Mimi’s School of Dance. The Yale Laundry Building on 800 SE 10th Avenue in Portland is 5 miles away from the last stop. The exterior of the building was used as Mimi’s when Bella got out of the cab to meet James.


8 Yale - Karen

photo credit: Karen Mah

A short 7 miles down I-84 lies Vibra Specialty Hospital, 10300 NE Hancock Street, Portland, Oregon. This location served as the interior scenes of Forks Hospital. You are able to go inside and stand in the exact location where Edward confronted Bella with those words, “Well, I hope you enjoy disappointment”.

10 Vibra - Karen

photo credit: Karen Mah

Approximately 2 miles away is Madison High School, 2735 NE 82nd Avenue, Portland, Oregon. Madison was the interior of Forks High School, including the halls and the cafeteria. You are able to tour inside of the school but only during specific hours. Call 503-916-5220. It’s worth it to see those cafeteria doors. (You know the ones I’m talking about.)

The current school building is scheduled to be torn down during the summer of 2019, so time to see this location is limited! Read more about it here.

Our next stop is 25 miles away at the Stone Cliff Inn. Located at 17900 S Clackamas River Drive in Oregon City, the Stone Cliff Inn serves as a backdrop for five iconic scenes including “This is why we don’t show ourselves in sunlight”, “I’m the world’s most dangerous predator”, “As if you could outrun me”, “Your scent, it’s like a drug to me”, and “So the lion fell in love with the lamb”. If you turn into the Inn’s parking lot and drive to the opposite end you will see signs that point out the key sites. All locations are clearly marked and easy to find. If you want to learn more about the Stone Cliff Inn, the website is

20 Stone Cliff - Karen

photo credit: Karen Mah

Directly southeast of Stone Cliff Inn, about 0.4miles, is Carver Café. The Café served as the Forks Diner in multiple scenes. Sit at the corner table where Bella and Charlie ate or at the counter where Stephenie Meyer had a cameo. Make sure you sign the Twilight guestbook and let everyone know you were there. The address is 16471 SE Highway 224, Damascus, Oregon. Café hours are M-F 6:30am-2:00pm, Sat-Sun 8:00am-3:00pm.

16 miles east lies Oxbow Park. The famous “Say it, out loud” scene was filmed in this park. There is a $5 fee to enter, which you pay at the Ranger’s Station as you drive in. Ask for a map and get detailed directions. This area has changed quite a bit since filming, as the vegetation has all grown back. The filming site is located right before the A picnic area on the left side around trail E. The address is 3010 SE Oxbow Parkway, Gresham, Oregon.

26 Oxbow - Karen

photo credit: Karen Mah

15 miles east, you will find The View Point Inn. This is where the prom scene at the end of the movie was filmed. This location was once a beautiful backdrop to look out at the Columbia Gorge but has been closed since 2011 due to a fire. You can see a glimmer of the former building and grounds, but you have to search for it.

The address of the Inn is 40301 East Larch Mountain Road, Corbett, Oregon.

After years of the Inn being in a state of collapse and decay, surrounded by overgrowth, progress is finally being made to rebuild it. You can still take pictures from the perimeter, but please do not trespass on the property. It is an active construction site and is unsafe. There was talk of the rebuild recapturing the feeling of the old Inn, but like Bella told Edward, “I think that ship has sailed”. Only Alice knows what the future holds in this case.

Head back down to I-84 and take it about 13 miles to Multnomah Falls, at 50000 Historic Columbia River Highway, Corbett, Oregon. The falls were in several shots including in the background of the baseball scene and in the end credits.


Keep heading east on I-84 for about 13 miles until you get to the Bridge of the Gods.  This bridge that spans the Columbia between Oregon and Washington is the one that Bella and Charlie travel over on their way to Forks. If you want to get some great pictures, stop on the Oregon side at the park at Cascade Locks.

Get back on I-84 heading west and go over the bridge. You must pay a $2 toll to cross, so make sure you have that ready.  The address is US Route 30, Cascade Locks, Oregon.


36 Bridge of the Gods - Beth

photo credit: Beth Uranga

After you cross the Bridge of the Gods, turn west (left) on WA-14. Take this highway for approximately 12.9 miles until you come to The Shire.

The site is between mile post 29 and 28 on WA-14. This is private property that is owned by The University of Oregon and serves as the John Yeon Preserve for Landscape Studies. The Shire is where they filmed such scenes as the baseball game, where Charlie was tracking Victoria, Edward and Bella on the rocks by the water talking about how he and his family are a different kind of vampire, Edward and Bella talking in the rain, Rosalie marking the tree, and did I already say the baseball game?

It can be very tricky to schedule a tour but if you are interested in visiting The Shire, you can contact them on the website or call 503-412-3757. There is a fee for this tour, but it’s totally worth it.

After your Shire tour, head west on WA-14, about 5 miles, to Cape Horn. Cape Horn overlook is located on 570 Strunk Road, Washougal, Washington, about 12 miles down the road. This overlook was where the filming was done with Bella and Edward in the tree tops with the views of the river valley.

To get there, turn onto Belle Center Road, located between mile markers 23 &24. Drive approximately 1.2 miles until you reach the stop sign, then turn right onto Mt. Pleasant Road. Strunk Road forks off to the right a short ways down. Go to the end and park in the lot. On foot, pass the big green gate at the start of the dirt road and continue until you see the sign for the trail. Take the that down to the view point. The big tree that was used for filming is identified with a wooden marker. Take some time and enjoy the beautiful view of the Columbia River Gorge.

Take WA-14 to I-5 north for approximately 50 miles until you come to Kalama, Washington. Kalama Middle/High School served as the location of Forks High School. The exterior of the school was used in all of the parking lot shots, including where Edward saves Bella from Tyler’s van. The outside walkways, gym and the scene where Edward follows Bella up into the hills were also filmed there. Kalama Middle/High School is located at 548 China Garden Road, Kalama, Washington. Call 360-673-5212 to let them know you’re coming.

If it is a school day and all you want to do is take pictures outside, check in at the office and they will provide you a map of the sites. If you call ahead to arrange it and are planning to go there after 3pm, you may be lucky enough to get a tour of the inside of the school with one of the teachers, Melissa Wilson.

35 miles West of Kalama lies St. Helens, Oregon. St Helens served as the site of many filming locations. It was mainly used as Port Angeles for the movie, but also has The Swan House.

Here is a rundown of the St. Helens locations:

251 S 1st Street served as the dress shop where Angela and Jessica bought their outfits for prom.

330 S 1st Street was used for the Bloated Toad Restaurant where Edward confessed to Bella he could read minds.

260 S 2nd Street was the Thunderbird and Whale Bookstore while the alley and the parking lot at that location served as the place where Edward saved Bella from her attackers.

184 S 6th Street is the Swan House. This is a private residence so please be respectful when parking and taking pictures. (This residence was recently sold to a Twilight fan! Read more info here.)

Also, if you have the time, stop in at Jilly’s at 299 1st Street. They provided the Twilight wardrobe department with prom dresses and decorations for the movie.

31 miles west of St. Helens is Vernonia, Oregon. Vernonia served as Forks, Washington in the movie. The downtown was designed with signage to look like Forks and even the iconic “Welcome to Forks” sign was replicated and posted outside of town.


Vernonia Locations:

Rock Creek Bridge – The bridge that Charlie and Bella drive over when they first enter Forks.

Corner of Bridge and Jefferson – The corner where all the carvings are when Charlie and Bella first drive into “Forks”.

1010 Bridge Street – Forks Police Station

Our last stop on the TwiTour is Ecola State Park, 55 miles west of Vernonia. Ecola State Park in Canon Beach served as “La Push” in the film. Bella, Jessica, Mike, Eric and Angela in the van was filmed in the parking lot and Jacob and Bella walking and telling the “scary story” was filmed on the beach.

63 Ecola - Jolene

photo credit: Jolene Tapias Espriella

That concludes our TwiTour. Here are some resources to gather or preview before you take your tour: Check out,, and for some excellent TwiTour narrative.  Also, make sure you have your copy of Twilight: Director’s Notebook.  This provides lots of inside scoop on how the movie was made.

Directors Notebook

photo credit: Karen Mah

This TwiTour was originally put together especially for the use of the Twilight fans who were attending the Forever Twilight in Forks events in September 2015 for the tenth anniversary of the release of the novel Twilight – the birth of the much-loved universe.  The pictures and links have been updated for FTF2018 goers, just in time to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the release of the Twilight movie – the reason we’re all here!

The information was painstakingly compiled and tested by Jodi Blackman and uploaded and visually annotated by Karen Mah. We would like to thank the pioneering websites that inspired us (check out those links listed above) and the fellow Twilight fans who allowed us to use their location pictures (as individually credited – use your mouse to roll over each location picture).  All screenshots are from the Twilight movie (all rights belonging to Summit Entertainment – used without permission and no infringement intended).

Special thanks to Stephenie Meyer and Catherine Hardwicke, because… duh!

Team FireballThis is a Team Fireball production. #UNOMAS!


Other locations from the movie that are not included in the TwiTour:

St. Helen’s High School
2375 Gable Road, St. Helens, Oregon
Forks High School Administration Office & Edward playing the piano for Bella
(Check out for information on these locations.)

Bonneville Dam & Columbia River Gorge
Oregon/Washington States
aerial shots

screenshot grid

Kadow’s Marina
10612 NW Lower River Road, Vancouver, Washington
where Waylon is killed


Stafford Hill Ranch
Private Residence (Also currently for sale! See the realtor listing here.)
23388 SW Stafford Hill Drive, West Linn, Oregon
Cullen’s Garage


Skamania Country Road Department Prindle Shop
28851 Highway 14, Washougal, Washington
(directly across the road from the entrance to the Shire)
Bella’s bedroom & Phoenix hotel room

Additional Scenes at Kalama Middle/High School
The following scenes were also filmed at Kalama but the tours don’t include these locations. (The “Arizona hospital room” was a set built in the school’s weight room.)

Here is a map with each location listed in this guide – with the Forks Chamber of Commerce and Bella Italia in Port Angeles, WA as your last stops.


While you’re in Forks, make sure to stop in at the Rainforest Arts Center to see world’s largest collection of screen-worn costumes and props from all five of the Twilight Saga movies.

64 FTF Collection - Katryna

Forever Twilight in Forks Collection – photo credit: Katryna Harris


Twilight Sites: Swan House for Sale

The private residence that was used in the filming of Twilight as Charlie and Bella Swan’s house went on the market on Sunday. It’s causing quite a stir in the Twilight fan community with a lot of speculation and dreaming about who the new owners will be and how the property will be changed or preserved and how that will impact fans.  All we can do is keep our fingers crossed that whoever the new owner is, they maintain the integrity of the home and keep the key features.


The benefit of having a fellow Twilight fan become the new owner would be that they would be more likely to allow people better access to take photos and maybe even a look around inside. Best case scenario, stay a night or two in Bella’s room! That’s what we’re all hoping for.

Of course, we could all end up completely screwed though. The new owner could be Twilight hater or just clueless and could end up changing everything, making it unrecognizable, or worst case – demolishing it entirely. 😱 We don’t want to lose ANOTHER filming location!

Wishes aside, our interest comes from finally getting a glimpse inside the rest of the house and figuring out how the layout really fits together – our on-screen knowledge versus our imagination of the rest. The listing provides 40 photos of both the exterior and interior, and with those, we can now fill in the gaps.


Amazingly, even though the movie was filmed 10 years ago now, none of the details in the home have been altered since. The current owner must have realized that they have their hands on a significant piece of movie history and knew the value that would have to the fans. All the fixtures, appliances and paint colours are exactly as they are in the movie. Even the (included in the sale?!) dining set is identical. It’s pretty cool to see.









Based on the newly available listing photos and the pre-existing movie stills and behind-the-scenes shots from promo or DVD bonus features, we now have a pretty good idea of what the floor plans should look like.


For all of those who wanted to know or were confused about it, Bella’s bedroom is at the back of the house on the right side.

(Yes, this video is from New Moon so it’s a set and not the actual house, but the sets pretty accurately recreated the real-life house. The triple 360° spin in this clip gives you a very good idea of what Bella’s room looks like.)

The movie leads you to believe that her room is at the front because they show that multi-paned window a lot, but Bella’s bedroom windows don’t have panes like that.


And that “three things” scene where she looks down out of that window at Edward waiting by his car? If you watch carefully, she gets up off her bed, crosses her room, walks through the hall past the bathroom, and into the room across from hers.


One might think that is Charlie’s room, but that’s unlikely. For starters, she wouldn’t be the type to invade her father’s privacy so easily. 🙂  Also, that room is actually quite narrow and there is a much bigger one, almost identical to Bella’s except flipped, right next to hers. (You can see the side-by-side doorways when Bella first arrives at Charlie’s and they take her suitcases upstairs.)



184 South 6th Street, Saint Helens, OR is listed at for $349,900. Those interested in purchasing it should contact the realtor through there. We really hope it gets snapped up by a fellow Twilight fan and that some effort will be made to keep this piece of movie history intact as much as possible. Good luck!

x (3).JPG

The Swan House is included in our Twilight Filming Locations Guide so if you haven’t seen that, please do give it a perusal – especially if you’ll be in the Portland area on your way to the Forever Twilight in Forks Festival next month.

Update: IT’S BEEN SOLD!! And to a Twilight fan! We are so so thrilled for our friend Amber and her family. Follow The Swan House on both Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on what’s happening in your favorite fandom house.

Twilight Sites: Madison High Will Be Torn Down

It was brought to our attention this afternoon that one of our favourite Twilight movie filming sites – James Madison High School – will be torn down in the summer of 2019. This is a sadness.

madison cafeteria (4).jpg

The annual festival weekend in Forks, WA just wrapped up last week and this year, only a few Team Fireball girls were able to make it. In 2015 though, we had our best year – group-wise. Not only did we put on a kickass Fic Chat, but we made it out to many of the sites used in the filming of Twilight. We were lucky that Madison High was one of them.

lockers (2).jpg

For those that are unaware (and too lazy to click on any hyperlinks), Madison is where the cafeteria, Biology class, and hallway locker scenes were shot. They are iconic! Probably everyone who lives on the external side of a rock would recognize the ‘Edward Entrance’ scene.

edward (2).gif

We are sad for ourselves and other Twilight fans that another one of our locations will be forever lost but happy for the school and its students that they will have a brand new building. And this just means that we will have to go one last time next year. I think a lot of us are planning to do Portland/Forks 2018. Yay!

Big thank you to Meg Hobby for sharing this information on Facebook and to Jack Morrissey for spreading it further. We can already see that a lot of people are expressing interest in heading to Madison for their own fangirl/boy pilgrimages and have questions about how to do that and where exactly the school is.

There is a brief page about it in our filming locations guide we made prior to our visit in 2015. We do plan to update our guide with a lot of our own pictures and more detailed information sometime in the near(-ish, we hope) future, but in the meantime, if you want to visit Madison High School before the scheduled demolition, here’s what you need to know:

madison exterior (2).jpg

James Madison High School
2735 NE 82nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon

This location was used in the filming of Twilight as the interior of Forks High School, including the halls, classroom and the cafeteria. You are able to tour inside of the school but only during specific hours.

Call 503-916-5220 to book a tour. They are used to fans coming to see the spots shown in the movie and will set up a guide to take you around to those places and give you information about the filming process. They are friendly, helpful and informative.

When you arrive at the school, go directly to the office, located just inside the front doors. The administration staff will have you sign in, give you a Visitor name tag and have your guide come and meet you. Bring a camera and get those shots before it’s gone!

lockers scene

Note: We also heard that the Blue Heron Paper Company factory is also going to be demolished, but don’t have a timeline for that. That site was used in the filming as Grisham Mill where a very unfortunate unnamed man fell victim to the nomad vampires. If we hear anything more specific, we’ll update.

Twilight Saga Auction Analytics

The much-anticipated Twilight Saga Auction was this past weekend, put on by Prop Store in partnership with Summit Entertainment in Hollywood. 900 props, costumes, and set decoration from the five movies were sold to fans, who eagerly coughed up quite a bit of cash. Not everyone could participate, but for those that couldn’t, thankfully the interactive catalog of items will be available to peruse on the official auction website.


Here are some interesting highlights, gleaned from the information in the bidding history:
(*Note: The prices listed are before fees, shipping, tax, etc. The ownership is stated as what is on the website and was true at the ending of the auction. Since then, private trades and sales have been made.)

*Of the 900 lots, 27 items were unsold. Most items did not have reserve prices but a few did and 27 of those didn’t reach their reserves. That means 873 lots were sold during the auction.

*355 unique people won their bids. (This is the number of winning bidders counted by bidder numbers only. Some people bid for themselves and on other’s behalf.)

*The auction made a very respectable $641,925.00 USD (again, before any fees and extras).

*The most common price of items: $500 – 52 items sold at that price

*The most common amount for a bidder to spend total: $500 – 15 people paid that much
(Yes, I have calculated the breakdown of each price point and what each bidder number paid in total.)

*The most expensive item sold was Lot # 529 Bella Swan’s Engagement Ring – $14,000 (before fees).


*The next top 10 most expensive items are:
Lot # 549 Bella and Edward Cullen’s Chess Set – $11,000
Lot # 501 Cullen House Graduation Cap Display – $8,500
Lot # 69 Bella Swan’s Meadow Costume – $7,000
Lot # 21 Edward Cullen’s Journal – $6,500
Lot # 329 Cullen House Swamp Painting – $6,000
Lot # 860 Jane’s Battle Dress – $5,500
Lot # 414 Bella Swan’s Charm Bracelet – $5,500
Lot # 20 Edward Cullen’s Crest Cuff – $5,500
Lot # 312 Bella Swan’s T-Shirt Quilt Graduation Gift – $5,000
Lot # 453 Bella Swan’s T-Shirt Quilt Graduation Gift – $5,000
Lot # 355 Felix’s Observation Costume – $4,250

*The least expensive items were:
Lot #26 Waylon Forge’s Carver Café Costume  – $75
Lot #33 Tyler Crowley’s Cafeteria Costume  – $75
Lot #46 Tyler Crowley’s Field Trip Costume  – $75


Edward’s and Bella’s Cullen Crest Cuffs were bought for $4000 each, by the same person – together forever. ❤

The top 10 amounts which individual bidders spent in total:
(amounts only to protect their privacy – before fees)

The top 10 number of items won by an individual bidder are:

twilight saga auction.png

If you’re interested in the auction aftermath and/or the ultimate fate of the sold lots, and haven’t done so already, join the Facebook group.

Our Thanks to the OC

We Team Fireball girls individually belong to a vast array of fandoms, running the gamut of books, movies, television, music and other pop culture things. There are several we consider “official Team Fireball interests”. As long as at least 5 of our 12 share a common passion, it’s included. But there is only one fandom we all belong to. Twilight is what brought us together in the first place and is the glue that holds us together. Although Twilight probably only comprises about 10% of what we talk about these days, we love having our daily dose of TwiLove by posting our #ayearoftwilight choices. Each day, we get the chance to experience the feels and celebrate our group origins.

Six months have gone by and we haven’t missed one single day. Everyday, we share at least one, sometimes two, pictures related to Twilight on our Instagram account. So far, they have been either screen caps from the five movies, official promotional shots, or pictures taken by Team Fireball personally. Early on, we thought about doing themed months. So far, the prompts given in the #fmsphotoaday challenge haven’t inspired a particular theme but this month, the prompts are open ended, using the alphabet. For instance, today is A, tomorrow is B, the 3rd is C, and so on, and it’s up to the participants to pick the word they want to use so long as it corresponds to the letter of the day (or 1-5 after the 26th). That flexibility works perfectly to use a theme.

So, for the month of July, we will be posting pictures of our friends, The Olympic Coven. They are a group of people who cosplay the characters from The Twilight Saga at various fan events throughout the year. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for more.

It’s always fun to go to an event that is attended by fellow fans of something you are passionate about. You can fangirl to your heart’s content without the judgement or disinterest you get in “real life”. And it’s even better to meet up with friends you’ve made at previous events. But having the Olympic Coven at these events, bringing our beloved characters to life, takes the whole thing to another level. They work tirelessly throughout the entire weekend, hosting activities and walking around through town, interacting with attendees, all in character. It really brings the stories alive.

The two biggest of these annual events are Forever Twilight in Forks (FTF) (formerly Stephenie Meyer Day (SMD)) held in Forks, WA in September and the gatherings in Gatlinburg, TN, usually held at the beginning of the year. Team Fireball has had a presence at both of these for the past few years. In doing so, we have gotten to know the actors behind the characters they portray – the actual people. They are lovely and we adore them! So we want to thank them for all they do for all of us Twilight fans and generally just for being awesome.

Thank you, Alan, Viktoria, Christilynn, Katie, Tori, Cay, Tiffany, Travis, Lauren, Nick, Carranzo, Samantha, Jacqueline, Subha, and James! The month of July is our tribute to you.


credit: unknown

Disclaimer: Since we have used screen caps (taken by us) and promo pics (from Google) and our own pictures up to this point, we haven’t given any credit. Although we will try to incorporate as many of our own pictures of the OC as possible, the majority of the pictures for this month will be taken by many, many different people.  We are ‘borrowing’ them from the various OC social media spots. Please visit them for credit info and to see the originals.

Alice – Viktoria
Bella – Christilynn
Bree – Jacqueline
Carlisle – Cay
Edward – Alan
Emmett – Travis
Esme – Tori
Jacob – Subha
James – James
Jasper – Nick
Laurent – Carranzo
Renesmee – Samantha
Rosalie – Tiffany / Lauren

20140914_132922 (3)

after a Q&A with the OC during SMD 2014 – taken by kmah

Don’t miss out! Stalk Team Fireball.
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